About us


We can do so because we are highly trained, experienced NHS Paramedics & Emergency Medical Technicians, who have administered emergency first aid to those with life threatening conditions, caused by a serious accident or illness. Whether an adult or child, office worker or builder, in public or at home. To us, first aid is the same no matter what the circumstances. We deal with what we are presented with.

We are also accomplished educators. Our trainers, will help you to develop the skills and knowledge that will enable you to act quickly, decisively and confidently, when faced with a medical emergency and we know that our training works because people that have attended our courses have used their newly acquired skills to prevent somebody from going into cardiac arrest, or to recognise and correctly treat them if they unfortunately have.

If you’ve ever attended a first aid course, you will recall the emphasis placed on the need to call for an ambulance as soon as possible, which makes perfect sense. NHS Paramedics and EMT’s are the experts and if you’ve ever had to administer or receive serious first aid, you’ll have breathed a sigh of relief when you hear the sirens of the approaching ambulance. It may then, come as surprise that just 7% of the estimated 5 million first aid trained adults in the UK, received that training from a qualified Paramedic, EMT, or an experienced A&E Doctor or Nurse. That means that over 4 million have been trained by somebody whose only clinical qualification, is a first aid at work certificate.

It’s estimated that in excess of 150,000 people die unnecessarily in the UK each year, due to the lack of, or poorly administered first aid. If you suffer an out of hospital cardiac arrest in the UK your chance of survival is just 7%. In other countries, it’s nearer 30%. Could it be that we have over 4 million highly motivated but poorly trained first aiders?